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Sisal Soap Saver
Sisal Soap Saver

Sisal Soap Saver

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If you want to extend the lifespan of a bar of soap there's nothing quite like this 100% natural sisal soap saver bag!

The sisal acts as an exfoliator gently sloughing away dry skin while improving circulation and allows the soap to fully dry between uses which extends the lifespan of the bar of soap.

Simply place the bar of soap with any tiny leftover bits inside the sisal bag and pull the drawstring closed, wet the bag with it's contents inside and gently rub onto wet skin in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly once finished and hang to dry using the cotton string between each use.

Zero waste sisal soap saver bags can be used up to 4 months and may be added to the laundry in the washing machine (never in the dryer) prior to being placed in the compost or recycled.