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About Us

                                        It's time to feel good in your skin

Welcome to Soap Chest Quest and thank you for showing an interest! My name is Nathalie and I returned to Canada with my family in 2018 after having lived numerous years abroad in Switzerland. That beautiful country is renowned for its cleanliness and that particular aspect left quite a positive influence over me.

Having taken the resolution to live a healthier lifestyle, I took a closer look at all the products our family used daily on our skin and was frightened by the long lists of unpronounceable chemical detergents. That’s all it took for me to sign up for soaping lessons and I have never looked back or ceased trying out new recipes ever since. Truth be said, I’ve become enthralled with soaping and before I get accused of hoarding all those soaps to myself, the time has come for me to share the fruits of my passion with you.

Only quality plant-based, ethically sourced butters and oils (no palm oil, tallow or lard) are used in the creation of my small batch artisan soaps, which are made entirely from scratch. Priority is placed on buying organic base oils and butters when available and are certified as such from our suppliers. Please note that after the saponification process the final product cannot be claimed as organic even though your skin will reap the benefits. All quality raw materials are ordered through Canadian based suppliers in order to support our economy during these challenging times.

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and it deserves nothing but the best treasures that mother nature can offer. You deserve to feel good in your skin and I would be honored to help you achieve that.

Thank you for your trust and for supporting my small business.

Nathalie Haury